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Registration extended to June 15th!

1. Team Registration: Teams will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. The registration deadline is 01
June, 2018.
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept registrations postmarked later than 01 June 2018. No
exceptions will be allowed. Registration is not complete until the registration form and appropriate fees have been
received by the GGFSC Committee.

2. Team Check In: Teams must check in at least one hour prior to the start of their first game. At the time of check
in, all teams must submit:
1) a roster with player name, jersey number, and signatures of each player;
2) current U S Youth Soccer or approved organization player passes, or appropriate National Association
passes; and
3) appropriate travel authorization forms.
All teams must follow proper U S Youth Soccer travel procedures or, for foreign teams, FIFA travel procedures. Foreign
teams are also required to provide written proof of permission to travel from their National Association, and written proof
of insurance coverage for their players (sickness, accident, injury, etc.).

3. Rosters: U8-U10 Rec teams are limited to 8 players (play 5V5)
U8- U10 teams are limited to 12 players (play will be 7v7);
U11 and U12 teams are limited to 15 players (play will be 9v9)
U13 - U19 teams are limited to 18 players (play will be 11v11).

Teams may roster three guest players. Guest players are those who normally are not on the roster, meet the
age/gender requirements, and have all appropriate playing cards, medical releases etc. The roster may NOT be
changed after team check in.

4. Rules: All tournament games will be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as issued by FIFA, except
where amended by the USYSA Rules of Play. U10 plays by the modified Rules recommended by the USYSA. No
heading for U11 & younger. No punting U8-U10.

5. Home Team: The team listed first on the official schedule is the home team. The home team is responsible for
using an alternate color jersey, if necessary.

6. Game Balls: Game balls, certified by FIFA, are provided by GGFSC.

7. Equipment: Shin guards are required for all players. The referee has the final decision on the safety of all players’
equipment and clothing. A player will be allowed to wear a cast only if, in the opinion of the referee, it is well padded
and will not constitute a risk of injury to the player or others. Players must have their own numbers on jerseys with no
numbers being shared by players on the same team.

8. Player Cards: All players and coaches must have current player passes or equivalent, and must present them
prior to the beginning of each game. A player may be listed on only one roster and play for only one team. Approved
USSF and/or FIFA affiliated player passes, signed and laminated or Canadian booklet player cards are checked at
Final Team Check-in and by the officials prior to the start of each game. All players must have a current player pass;
they must be presented prior to the start of each game. Players must have player passes in order to play. No pass - no
play policy. Not needed for Rec Players.

9. Game Length: Except in cases of inclement weather or other unforeseen scheduling problems, game lengths are
as follows:

U17 - 19 two 40-minute halves
U15 & U16 two 40-minute halves
U13 & U14 two 35-minute halves
U11 & U12 two 30-minute halves
U8- U10 two 25-minute halves
Overtime periods will be played for championship games only:
U17, U18, U18 two 10-minute periods
U13, U14, U15, U16 two 10-minute periods
U11, U12 two 5-minute periods

If a championship game is still tied when overtime expires, penalty kicks, taken in accordance with
the FIFA Laws of the Game, will determine a winner.

10. Forfeits/Punctuality: All games will begin on time, with forfeits being declared for any team not present and ready
to play within 10 minutes of the scheduled starting time. Teams must have the appropriate number of players ready to
field: minimum of 6 for U8 - U10 teams, 8 for U11 & U12 teams, and 11 for U13 – U18 teams. If a team is delayed for
reasons beyond their control, they must call the Tournament Director. All reasonable efforts will be made to reschedule
the game providing the opposing team agrees.

11. Protests: There will be no protest or appeals of any kind allowed in a match. The field decision of the referee is
FINAL and will not be changed by any tournament official.

12. Red Cards: A player who receives a red card or a coach who is sent off the field during a match will be
suspended for the remainder of the game and a minimum of one game following the infraction. Violence against
another person and other serious offenses may result in a two game suspension or suspension from the tournament.
Players receiving red cards and coaches sent off must report to headquarters following the game to determine their

13. Substitutions: Substitutes must enter the field at the halfway line between the technical areas.
Unlimited substitutions with the permission of the referee are allowed:
a. prior to your throw in, or either team’s goal kick;
b. prior to either teams throw in if both teams have subs at the half-line
c. after a goal by either team;
d. at the referee’s discretion during stoppage of play for an injury;
e. a cautioned player may be substituted prior to restart of play.

14. Weather/Other Emergencies: Tournament officials will adhere to MYSA, NDSA and the Grand Forks Park
Districts Weather Policy to determine whether play needs to be suspended. Referees may suspend a game
temporarily for an emergency but only the Tournament Directors may terminate or reschedule games due to bad
weather. If a game is suspended, coaches are expected to keep their teams on site unless dismissed by the
Tournament Headquarters. The tournament directors reserves the right to shorten and/or cancel games as deemed
necessary, if there is lightning in the area or if the weather could cause risk to participants and those attending the

If lightning is within 5 miles, the game(s) should be suspended and shelter sought. A rough guideline is to measure
the time between the lightning flash and hearing the corresponding thunder. If it is 30 seconds or less, seek shelter. It
may not be possible to determine which lightning strike generated which roll of thunder. A simple rule: If you can hear
it, clear it. Games should not be restarted for at least 30 minutes after the last roll of thunder is heard.
Tournament officials will monitor the heat index (by weather radio, online or the Weather Channel) and inform field marshals, teams and game officials of the heat index status. Coaches are encouraged to also monitor the conditions.
The following are the tournament guidelines when there is a possibility of a dangerously high heat index.

Heat Index Recommended Guidelines
Up to 89° Normal Play
90° – 99° Mandatory 2 minute water breaks per half with running time. Each half shortened by 5 minutes
100° – 105° Mandatory 2 minute water breaks per half with running time. Each half shortened by 10 minutes
105° Suspend play

For any waterbreaks and shortening of halves outside of the heat index policy, both coaches must agree and a
tournament director must give approval before the game starts. If games are stopped due to inclement weather or
any other unexpected events, and cannot be restarted, a game may be considered completed if it reaches halftime.
If a game is unable to reach a full half we will first try to reschedule. If it is impossible to reschedule before further
games must be played, the game shall be considered final and the scores at the time of the stoppage will be
submitted to the tournament headquarters. Game length and time may be shortened or altered until tournament is
back on schedule.

Every player, coach, manager, etc. participates at his/her own risk. There will also be a licensed athletic trainer
available at Athletic Trainer Tents for minor injuries. It is each team’s responsibility to provide water, ice, and basic
first aid for their players.

15. Team Standing6 pos:intsDuring preliminar for a win y matches, match points will be awarded as follows:

3 points for a tie
1 point for each goal scored up to a maximum of 3 points
1 point for a shutout (0:0 tie = 4 points per team)
-1 point: for each red card (including coaches’ sent off)
*Forfeited game scores shall be recorded as 3-0
*The maximum number of points per game is 10.

A point modifier will be used to equalize match points for teams that play more games than others in a bracket due to
scheduling for an uneven number of teams.
A team that forfeits a game by not showing up will NOT advance to championship rounds.

16. Championships: Some divisions will not have championship games. In divisions where there is no championship
game scheduled, the team with the most match points will be the champion. Second place will be awarded to the team
with the next highest match points.
In divisions with championship games; advancement to semifinals and finals will be based on match points. Teams
not advancing to championship games may play consolation games to ensure the 3 game guarantee.
If teams have an equal number of match points, the following tie-breakers will be applied in order:

Winner of head to head competition if two teams are tied
Least goals allowed (average goals/game) during preliminary round matches
Average goal spread up to a maximum of 3 per match (goals scored less goals allowed)
Shoot out if two teams are tied
Coin toss or drawing if more than two teams are tied

17. Team Discipline: Coaches are responsible for the words and actions of themselves, their players, and
spectators. Verbal abuse of the opponents or referees by players, coaches, or spectators will not be tolerated.
Violations may result in forfeiture of the game and/or expulsion from the tournament. Coaches are expected to be
models of good sportsmanship.

All harassment, verbal abuse and/or threats directed at any referees, coaches, players or spectators will not be
tolerated under any circumstances. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate removal from the playing area.
Play will not resume until violators have left the area. The tournament director reserves the right to penalize and/or
expel any spectator, player, coach or teams that do not comply with this rule. Any person who physically or verbally
assaults a referee will be subject to prosecution!
If a coach is out of control, a referee may request the coach to leave before a game continues. If a coach is asked to
leave a game, the referee will retain the member’s pass and will send it to the NDSA office along with the appropriate
game report.

Both teams will be located on the designated touchline opposite the parents, fans, and spectators. Only coaches,
team managers and players will be allowed on team touchline.
The coach may convey tactical instructions to the players during the match. The coach and other team officials must
remain within the confines of the technical area and they must behave in a responsible manner. The technical area is
defined as the area along the touchline between the half-line and the team’s respective 18-yard lines. At no time is
coaching allowed from behind the goal area.
Coaches may not enter the field without permission from the referee.

18. Referee Guidelines: A three-person referee system will be used for U-11 and above age groups. A single
referee will be used for U-8 through U-10 age groups. All referees are USSF certified and registered. In matters
concerning conduct of games, all referee decisions are final. No protests are allowed. Please direct all player
eligibility questions to the Tournament Director prior to the completion of the match.
Referees will enforce the following:
• Shin guards to be worn by all players.
• Any player requiring glasses must have them properly secured by a strap.
• Earrings, watches, rings, bracelets, or other jewelry may not be worn. Medical Alert jewelry must be secure for all
players’ safety.
• Any player who starts to bleed while on the playing field must leave the field of play until the bleeding stops. The
player cannot re-enter the field of play with blood on any part of their uniform. If an alternate jersey is not available, a
shirt of the same color as the jersey may be used. The player may only re-enter the field with the consent of the
referee at any stoppage of play.
• Players and coaches will be on one side of the field and parents/spectators will be on the opposite.

19. Other: The Greater Grand Forks Soccer Club, tournament officials, and NDYSA are not responsible for any
expenses incurred by any team if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part for any reason.
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide all matters pertaining to the tournament and its decisions are
Enter and participate at your own risk: the Greater Grand Forks Soccer Club (GGFSC), the North Dakota Youth
Soccer Association (NDYSA), and any representatives thereof, are not responsible for accidents, acts of nature, or
other events beyond control.
All games will be played on fields specified by the Tournament Committee.

Please park in designated areas or on city streets only. Parking on grass is prohibited and is subject to a fine
by the local police department.

The Greater Grand Forks Soccer Cub is committed to promoting an environment that is free from drugs,
alcohol or tobacco use. These policies apply to all players, coaches, referees, and spectators. Smoking,
alcohol usage, and/or drug use is not allowed on any school property or in close vicinity of the playing fields.

Coaches or officials during games shall remove a player from active participation in the game if the player
exhibits the signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion or is suspected of sustaining a

The player is not allowed to return to play until cleared in writing by a provider trained in evaluation and
management of concussions.
The coach shall inform the parent/legal guardian about the possible concussion and the event surrounding
the possible concussion (e.g.-collision, fall, etc.).

All goals will be securely anchored. No climbing or hanging on goals is allowed.

Field Status

Partially Open Partially Open

Hyslop Sports Complex (10:44 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Bringewatt Park (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

South Middle School (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Kiwanis Park (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Schroeder Middle School (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Discovery School (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Jaycees Park (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Optimist Park (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Kelly School (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Ben Franklin School (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Lions Park (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Southern Estates Park (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

University Park (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Lake Agassiz School (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)

Closed Closed

Elks Park (10:45 AM | 01/11/19)